As physical and digital worlds merge, manufacturing processes will change dramatically in the “fourth industrial revolution” in Manufacturing, Pharma, Automotive, Transport & Logistics etc future. That’s for sure. The German Academy of Science and Technology says it will be and coined the term “fourth industrial revolution” (“Industry 4.0”). It states that today’s emerging technologies will have a similar effect on various Industries and society as old Industry solution had at the end of 19th century. The new Smart technology will make many traditional production and logistic processes obsolete.

Here are 5 reasons why “Industry 4.0” is relevant and important

  • It eases current challenges for manufacturers
  • It leads to an innovation economy
  • It puts the consumer in the center of all activities
  • It even puts humans into the center of production
  • It will enable sustainable prosperity

Automotive & Component Industry

We at SLT help you achieve seamless integration and visibility throughout your complex end to end process right from Receipt of Goods to Warehousing, Vendor Management, Work-In-Process, Parts Traceability, Vehicles Turn-Around-Time Monitoring, Finished Goods Yard Management, Quality Management and Warranty Tracking.We at SLT give latest technology like Beacon BLE (IoT), Barcode & RFID to your core process which is life line of your business.

Focused Solution Area

  • Warehouse Management & Automation
  • Work-In-Process Tracking
  • Parts Traceability
  • Production Line Solution
  • Vehicles Turn-Around-Time Monitoring
  • Finished Goods Yard Management
  • Warranty Tracking


At SLT, we have been closely associated with some of the biggest manufacturers in the Pharma sector, helping them develop systems for monitoring and tracking of their manufacturing, quality control, Labelling, logistics and track & trace requirements, to help them comply with various local & international regulatory Body.

Focused Solution Area

  • RM Stores Automation
  • Dispensing Automation
  • WIP Automation
  • FG Stores Automation
  • Raw Material to Finished Goods Automation
  • RM Quality Process Automation
  • Weighing Scale Automation – Auto Weight capture


At SLT, we have partnered with some of leading FMCG organisations to provide them with solutions in Supply Chain, Factory Automation, Warehousing & Logistics, Distribution, Pallet Tracking and product labelling.

Focused Solution Area

  • Warehouse Management & Automation
  • Work-In-Process Solution
  • Field Asset Tracking
  • Enterprise Wireless LAN Solution
  • Vehicle Traffic Management in Premises
  • OEM Reusable Asset/Handling Unit Tracking (Pallet/Crate/Bin)

Transport & Logistics

SLT brings in cutting-edge technologies that have a lasting impact on the future of logistics and supply chain management. Our in-house technical & development and robust applications & analytics, addresses the needs of growing and multi fold T&L business processes and help achieve business objectives.

Focused Solution Area

  • Inbound
  • Sorting
  • Binning/Picking
  • Warehousing
  • Client Compliant Management
  • Outbound
  • Vehicle / Trucks Tracking thru GPS Tracker and Application