The company was founded in 1918 as a producer of lightbulb sockets and has grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers alongside Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba and Canon Inc. In addition to electronics, it offers non-electronic products and services such as home renovation services. Panasonic is the world's fourth-largest television manufacturer by 2012 market share.

RFID Software Support

BarTender’s RFID tools are designed with the same flexibility and ease of use for which its label design features are renowned. You simply create RFID objects in your design the same way you would create barcodes and other label objects. BarTender also lets you put the same data into your RFID tags, text and barcodes, giving you the choice of using RFID or barcode scanning hardware to retrieve the data and providing data redundancy in case of a problem with the RFID tag.

Label Design Software

You are surrounded by labels every day. The packages you receive, the goods you buy, the medications you are prescribed, the food you shop for—all are labeled with information, identification, instructions, warnings, and more.A label can tell you where and when your fruit was grown. It can tell you what chemicals are in a shipment and how to handle them safely. It can enable a shipping company to easily track a package every step of the way from a warehouse to your front door.

Barcode Software

Regardless of the type of barcode, the basic concept of barcode software is the same:

  • Information is mapped to an arrangement of (usually black and white) bars, squares or dots.
  • Printed barcodes are scanned to retrieve the encoded information quickly and accurately.
  • Barcode labeling increases efficiency and reduces costly errors.

Embedded Printer Code

Some companies try to control their label printing by having their developers create hard-coded label printer language files for each type of printer and for each type of label. But that approach results in a variety of problems:

  • It is costly to change label formats or to change printers
  • The developer and source files must be easily available for any changes
  • Labels cannot include fonts, barcodes and other features that are not supported natively by a specific printer, including variable font sizes and changing graphics